Handwoven Cowls

 Colourful, cozy, and so easy to wear.

My handwoven cowls are the perfect fashion accessory. They add a colourful accent to any outfit, can keep you cozy and warm and are easy to wear. Pull a cowl over your head and you are good to go.

Two styles of cowls are listed for sale in my on-line store.

One style is lined with a hand dyed fine silk fabric. This silk layer provides a luxurious feeling and an extra layer for added warmth. When the cowl is worn the silk lining often peeks out and acts as a beautiful texture and colour accent complementing the handwoven cloth.

The second style of cowl I create is unlined and features a hand stitched rolled hemmed finish on the upper and lower edges of the cowl. These cowls are completely reversible and can be worn with either side of the cloth showing.

Again, pull a cowl over your head and you are good to go!