About Me

For me it’s all about the cloth! Beautiful things, practical things, things that we can use, touch and feel every day, made from handwoven or hand printed cloth.

I have been weaving for over 35 years and still find that I derive joy from the process of making cloth – the laying in, one thread at a time, on a foundation (warp) on my loom, watching the cloth grow as I throw my shuttle. Over those 35 years I have added a strong colour sense to my weaving. This has been helped along by the use of a dyeing technique that allows me to “paint” fabric dyes on the threads before I weave with them. Using this method, I can make bold or subtle colour changes along the length of my cloth. The resulting kaleidoscope of colours, combined with a sophisticated approach to the structure of the cloth, gives my work its signature. This is especially true for my fine silk scarves and shawls.

I started weaving in 1980, as a creative break after seven years of university studies. Since then I have taken many weaving and fibre related courses, both in Canada and the United States. More importantly, I have honed my weaving and design skills by weaving miles of cloth.

My studio is in my home and I can honestly say I love going to work!