Scarf – from the Tenderness series woven in a medium blue, fine silk


This scarf is one of 7 scarves in my ‘Tenderness’ series. This series had the warp dyed a combination of a number of pinks, fuchsia, and apricot. The weft was hand dyed a medium blue colour. A fine 100% mulberry silk fibre was hand dyed for both warp and weft prior to the scarf being woven. The ends of the scarf have an elegant twisted fringe finish.
This scarf is woven in pattern that produces a cascading ‘ripple’ that moves down the length of the scarf. This ripple pattern produces the illusion of movement in the scarf when it is being worn. The cloth has a marvelous sheen that is characteristic of silk woven cloth which is further enhanced by the twill lines that are part of the patterning..

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Dimensions: 196 cm plus fringe by 22 cm (77″ plus fringe by 8.5″)
Fibre content: 100% Silk
Pattern Structure: Advancing/networked twill
Features: Twisted fringe finish

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Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 35 × 27 × 4 cm


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